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Srna: I Think the judging is unfair from the start of the season

Срна: Считаю судейство несправедливым с самого начала сезона

Darijo Srna raised the issue of refereeing this season for Shakhtar.

“The tournament today is not what it once was: one mistake by the referee – someone calls it “random” – decides the fate of the whole championship. It’s not an alibi, but I will say this about the officiating: I think its unfair from the start of the season. Remember wax was tried in Lutsk: given that we conceded a penalty, in another similar episode is not given. Then disallowed a clean goal. But that game we won with a big score, so no one argued!

Not the first time punishes miner and master the Game. Yes, and he honestly did a good job in the super bowl. But not with the club! I have great respect for Colin, it’s eminent arbitrator, but his words in 10 days that he recognizes the error, the Game doesn’t really change anything. The match is not replayed. It is unfair and dishonest.

Pay attention: we don’t complain, we demand justice! I have been in Ukraine for the 13th year, and understand which way the wind blows. Let the judge doing his job, we’ll do ours, and the strongest wins. Of course, referees are human and make mistakes. But when you work at such level as the match Shakhtar vs Dnipro, and five meters away from me don’t notice a penalty, it is not a coincidence,” said Srna.