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Spalletti: as the New year meet, so spend it, 1 January Roma t

Спаллетти: как Новый год встретишь, так его и проведешь, 1-го января Рома т

Head coach of as Roma Italian Luciano Spalletti told about the plans of the club of Rome in 2017-th year.

57-year-old Italian coach said that in the coming 2017, the year of Roma needs to be better in all aspects.

“When I was a kid, my grandparents told me that as you meet New year so you will spend it, they were superstitious. In Roma we took the decision on 1 January to train, this day is the beginning of new opportunities for us. Each of the 365 days we consider how 365 small trophies.

If we bring it to you every day, winning each of the 365 our little trophies at the end of the year we will succeed. There is no more important days than others, every day to work at the maximum of their capabilities.

I want the team improved all the indicators. My goal for 2017 is the year to make the team better in all aspects, we should always strive for victories,” said the Italian specialist.