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Slovenian national team waited in the night club Lviv

Andrew Kudirka

14 November | 16:39

Today in Lviv it was possible to catch the Sparrow on the roof. Real Andrew Sparrow, the former striker of the national team of Ukraine, Shakhtar, Dnipro, Arsenal and Metalist, one of four players who scored in CHU more than 100 goals.

He came to support our national team with a group of friends, walked around the city and met the journalist of “Vesti” on the roof of a popular city cafe, where the top bunk is parked an old “Zaporozhets” with the oars. Sparrow was in excellent spirits, of course, believes in our victory.

Сборную Словении ждали в ночном клубе Львова. Фото 1

Generally match day Lviv was transformed. Friday on the streets was rare to meet people who clearly came to the game teams of Ukraine and Slovenia. Working day, many were busy. Today is Saturday. The morning from the station to the historic center of the city the trams transported thousands of fans. As in the song “the city is flooded suddenly merry crowd.”

Сборную Словении ждали в ночном клубе Львова. Фото 2

And really fun. Slovenian fans who were, of course, in the numerical minority, did not feel any discomfort and even defiantly shouted back and forth with Ukrainian fans.

Сборную Словении ждали в ночном клубе Львова. Фото 3

Local café waiting for work in a very fast pace. Each tried to draw their flavor.

Сборную Словении ждали в ночном клубе Львова. Фото 4

Players from both teams in the city failed to meet. For our lions are at home, they could do without walking. But the Slovenians to walk with in the morning was going.

At least the Balkan national team physiotherapist, who also works with women’s handball club “cream” and knows our Vergelyk, Yatsenko and Sukalo, talking, sipping coffee and Smoking a cigarette, that walk should be.

Сборную Словении ждали в ночном клубе Львова. Фото 5

However, saying that Slovenians last night planned a visit to one of the local clubs. To a party with a DJ from Ibiza. But the journalist of “Vesti”, one and a half hours looking after wards of Srecko Katanec, so no one and did not. And when he went to the hotel the team found that the players had supper and, apparently, went to the hotel rooms, but the coaching staff still discussing something at the table. I wonder what they’re zaplanirovany…


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