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Shufrich: the mountain Guide will do everything to finish this season

Шуфрич: Руководство Говерлы сделает все для того, чтобы доиграть этот сезон

Vice President of Goverla Oleksandr Shufrich told about a difficult situation at the club.

“If the players will make a deal with us, the club will be to meet the players. To sign settlement agreements. With some players already signed settlement agreements and are payments. If we don’t find a common language with most players, it will certainly be the last season for Hoverla”, – told Oleksandr Shufrich TV channel Football 1.

“The leadership will do everything to finish this season, but as for the fate of our club next year – it all depends on those players with whom we are now negotiating”.

“If my players find a common language and come to meet each other – because after all debts need to be optimized: these are difficult times for Ukrainian football, it should be understood, first of all, the players. If they help people who invest in football, and more teams will continue. If not, then we will suffer the fate of the Zaporizhzhya Metalurg, and we will be forced to recognize a default and liquidate the club,” said Vice President of Goverla.

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