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Shakhtar Donetsk – real Madrid 3:4 broadcast of the match of the Champions League

Шахтер - Реал Мадрид 3:4 трансляция матча Лиги чемпионов

Shakhtar lost to real Madrid with the score 3-4 in the match 5 th round of group round of the Champions League. Read the broadcast of the match Shakhtar vs real below



Shakhtar Vs Real Madrid 2 : 4


Goal: Alex Teixeira (88), Dentinho (83) – Cristiano Ronaldo (70), Dani Carvajal (52), Luka Modric (50), Cristiano Ronaldo (18)

Miner: Main: Andriy Pyatov, Vasyl Kobin, Yaroslav Rakitskiy, Ivan Ordets, Marcio Azevedo, Marlos, Fred, Taison, Bernard, Alex Teixeira, Alexander Gladky, Coach: Mircea Lucescu, Spare: Taison, Dentinho, Facundo Ferreyra

Real Madrid: Main: Kiko Casilla, Rafael Varane, Nacho, Pepe, Dani Carvajal, Gareth Bale, Casemiro, MATEO Kovacic, Luka Modric, ISCO, Cristiano Ronaldo, Coach: Rafael Benitez, Replacement: Danilo, Toni Kroos, Karim Benzema

1: Bernard immediately gets into the offside

2: real quickly seized the initiative in the match, holding a miner on their own half of the field

3: Teixeira in center field broke the rules real quickly played the free kick

4: Nacho on the left flank shoots into the penalty area of Shakhtar, but Pyatov catches the pass, taking the ball in his hands

6: In a quiet pace are on the field team. The miner defends himself more, the real attack

7: the miner tried to cross the midfield, but the Pitmen played an inaccurate pass, so real quickly stop the attack of the opponent

8: Percentage of ball possession in the match 20-80. Everything under control real

9: you can Hear screams, the mentor of Shakhtar Mircea Lucescu. He helps the players tips man, then scolds them for inaccurate transmission

10: tried Bernard near the penalty area of real Madrid to beat Pepe, but the Shakhtar Donetsk player simply ran into an opponent and fell to the turf.

13: Boring to the events of the play forces the audience to whistle

14: Bernard earned a free-kick for Shakhtar’s half of the field of real

15: Rakitskiy gets in a shot from the free kick, the ball flies above the gate

16: Carvajal to real Madrid earned a corner on the left flank.

17: Modric hung from a corner, hernanes beats, but his shot blocking Teixeira

18: Modric gives a pass to move the bale. Rakitskiy first on the ball and conceals the projectile, whether in the hands of Pyatov. Rakitskiy bale runs around and throws the ball over Pyatov, who ran the interception on Ronaldo. Cristiano received a pass a metre wide. For a header – goal!

21: real Madrid earned a promising free-kick. Ronaldo has an effort from a set piece, the ball flies above the target

22: real Madrid earned another corner kick.

23: ISCO hung from a corner into the penalty area, but Pyatov came out of the gate and caught the ball in his hands

24: After a goal scored real Madrid continues to play the first number

25: Bernard plays Carvajal. The latter didn’t like and hit a player miner

26: Shakhtar plays a free-kick. Ordets gets his shot blocked by the defenders of real. Panic in the penalty of the club of Madrid, but Varane calms the situation, knocking the ball away from the goal

28: Taras Stepanenko tried to hang the ball from the left flank into the penalty area of real Madrid, but the ball went behind the front line after submitting

30: the miner increases the pace of the game, the ball quickly trying to translate from his half into the penalty real Madrid

31: Varan sat on the lawn and asked real doctors to enter the field

32: Varane is dismissed. The defender of real Madrid immediately went to the locker room. Apparently the injured Frenchman

33: Substitution in the Shakhtar: instead of Varane on the left Danilo

34: Kobin from the left flank shoots into the real penalty area for Teixeira. Alex gets the ball and tries to adjust to the kick. As the player Shakhtar Donetsk picked up the pace beside him rose the defender of real Madrid, who brought the ball in field

35: Taras Stepanenko receives a yellow card

37: Kovacic is penalised for a foul in midfield, Shakhtar plays a free-kick

39: bale from distance struck a powerful shot on goal miner, but the ball flew straight into the hands of Pyatov

42: Shakhtar earned a corner on the left flank. Azevedo sticking with the flank into the penalty area on a Smooth, he hits his head – is inaccurate

44: Azevedo hung in the penalty area of real Madrid, Casilla blowing the ball with a Smooth head that was already ready to blow

45: the Referee added 2 minutes injury time first half

45+1: Ronaldo gives a pass to the 11-meter mark on the course ISCO. He hits a shot but it manages to block Rakitskiy

45+2: the referee, the teams went into the break.

46: second half Began, the ball in midfield played football, real Madrid

46: Note that the miner, if he wants to catch the opportunity to play in the playoffs, need to beat real

47: bale struck from outside the penalty area

48: Carvajal gets a yellow card

50: Cristiano Ronaldo raced down the right flank and gave a pass in the bottom center in Modrica. The wide of shot goal goal goal

52: Ronaldo gives a pass on the right flank on Carvajal. The one on the penalty plays Azevedo and left foot chipped the ball over Pyatov straight into the goal

55: Azevedo from the left flank into the penalty area, Smooth a header but the ball flies past the gate

57: the Players of Shakhtar did not have time for the fast players of real Madrid. Time after time the club from Madrid easily bring the ball to the penalty of the Ukrainian team

59: the outcome of the match, in principle, solved. Mircea Lucescu can give the opportunity to play those players that can rarely be seen in the Shakhtar squad

61: ISCO beats from free – above the gate

62: Substitution in the Shakhtar: Marlos is on the left, Tyson

63: Substitution in the Shakhtar: instead of Modric on the left Kroos

63: Kobin shoots from the right wing, Nacho is blocking this transfer

64: Substitution in the Shakhtar: Azevedo is on the left Dentinho

65: Smooth lying on the lawn after the junction with the goalkeeper in the penalty real Madrid in the fight for the ball horse

67: ISCO rushed to the counter after drawing a penalty kick in the performance of the miner. But the real Madrid midfielder ran into Fred, which failed to pass

70: Gareth bale turned on the space velocity and rushed to the counter. He entered the penalty area of Shakhtar, he gave a blow of Cristiano Ronaldo. Last attempt from a few metres – goal!

71: Substitution of the real: instead of bale on the left Benzema

74: Substitution in the Shakhtar: instead of the Smooth on the left Ferreira

75: real Madrid continued to control the game, calmly playing a pass into midfield

76: Tyson bursts into the penalty real Madrid from the left flank, but he is hit by Casemiro. There will be a penalty!

78: Teixeira hit in the lower left corner of the goal! Shakhtar scored the first goal

80: real big forces withdrew to their half of the field, giving the miners to play in attack. But the miners are not in a hurry to go thoughtlessly forward on the opponent’s gate

82: Benzema in midfield is penalised for a foul on Taras Stepanenko, Shakhtar played the free kick

83: Bernard delivered a cross from a corner into the penalty area. The shell flew over everyone and dropped right on Dentinho free at the far post. He hits his head and the ball in the net!

85: Tyson broke up the attack down the left flank. Gave into the penalty area for Teixeira. The Ferreira shoots, but Casilla comes out of the gate and intercepts a pass

86: Danilo is penalised for a foul in the penalty area on the Kobin, the miner was entitled to a penalty.

87: Bernard’s free-kick makes the shot, but none of the partners does not reach to the ball

88: taison on the left wing gives a great pass to Teixeira in the centre of the box. Alex has left foot and the ball in the net! Tyson, where were you with your passes before?

90: Yes, the miner at the end of the match burst. The defense of real Madrid is bursting at the seams. Time to recoup?

90+3: the Referee blows the whistle to end the match. Real in Lviv with difficulty restrained himself for the winning score in the match with Shakhtar

UEFA Champions League 5th round of the group round

Shakhtar Donetsk – Real Madrid

November 25, Lviv, Lviv arena. The beginning of the match: 21-45

Referee matches: Bass Neiges (Netherlands)

Previous match: real Madrid – Shakhtar 4:0

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Miner November 25, will play the fifth match in the group stage of the Champions League. Rival of Donetsk club will be the formidable real Madrid. This match will be held in Lviv at the Arena Lviv

Earlier, these clubs met this season in the Champions League. Then Shakhtar away lost to real with the score 0:4.



Please see the photo gallery: Revealing the defeat: As real Madrid Shakhtar beat

Шахтер - Реал Мадрид 3:4 трансляция матча Лиги чемпионов