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Serhiy Rebrov: the Boys are eager to win against Porto

Сергей Ребров: Ребята горят желанием победить Порту

The head coach of Dynamo Sergei Rebrov commented on the upcoming match of his team in the Champions League with Porto

– Sergey Stanislavovich why the Port didn’t come domagoj Vida?

Unfortunately, in the match for the team he got injured thigh, he has a big hematoma. We had hoped that he would recover, but yesterday morning he went to the training session, and on the first run it became clear that he would not be able to continue. He stayed on the base, and said this morning that can’t run. But we have someone to replace him, we have enough experienced players.

Of install could not bring your ward on the field in the first match against Porto?

It was our first game in the Champions League. It is not easy to play with such an experienced opponent, of course, was excitement. I think that we played compactly, even though we were defensive mistakes, was not the same intensity, which we required. But this can be attributed to the first match, in which, in the first place, it was important not to lose. A draw is a positive result that gives us confidence and is ahead of the second leg. We analysed and this game and last game Port, pointed out to the guys at changes in the composition. But primarily, it all depends on the players, and we can only advise, suggest. I see the guys that they are eager to win tomorrow.

– A little over a year ago, Dinamo stayed here as part of another tournament. Communicating with each other within the team, what you feel the difference between the Champions League and the Europa League, as guys feel it?

Yeah I feel even at press conferences, a lot more people, cameras. I’m sure all the guys feel it. The ambition is to play the best players. After the last match in the locker room went the President and said that in the Port we are waiting for the most important game, and I fully agree with him. But if we don’t win, after the match, not stop life. We just don’t go further in the Champions League. I’m sure everyone understands that this is a top-level tournament, where the best teams in Europe. We got into it after a fairly long break. I am sure that tomorrow the boys will give their all. The level of this competition forces us to work with high impact how the coaching staff and players.

– After the first game with the Port you have several times cited the organization of the game borgogelli team. Have you found her vulnerable side, studying the opponent before tomorrow’s match?

– Of course they did, and even before the first game. It is one thing to find, but quite another to use it on the football field. It’s not easy, because in the first match, the opponents often tried to put pressure on us a large group of players. In the championship of Ukraine against us so don’t play. I am sure that tomorrow the Port will not sit near the gate when playing at home. We are ready for it. Tried to help the boys, to inform them of how to act in such situations. And the fact that the defensive problems they have, considerably. Even despite the fact that Porto have not lost a single game, the problems this team has, and I hope. tomorrow we will try to use them.

– The team flew Lukasz Teodorczyk. Whether he is ready to take the field tomorrow?

– Everyone who flew, ready to take the field. It is clear that we are not taken. I don’t like to talk about personalities, all guys have a chance to play, they are given in training. I am not ready to answer who will play in the first team. Probably, it will be nekorrektno, and if one of the players hears about this, he will drop motivation. Today is another workout, and tomorrow, another day on to our main squad.

– Your team already knows how to score against Casillas. Do you have a recipe for how to stop Abubakar?

– Of course, it’s not easy, it is a forward of a very high level. But we’ve analyzed his game, and defenders know how to confront it. I believe that scores not one Abubakar, and the entire team. How we scored the first goal – the merit of the whole crew, thanks to the combination he was one on one with Alex. We try to compare the game not only to Abubakar, but the whole team.

In Ukraine, the Champions League match Porto – Dynamo Kyiv, which will take place on 24th November, will broadcast live TV channels Ukraine and Football 1. We will add that on SPORTS bigmir)net will be available a text online broadcast of the match, which will start at 21:45.


We will remind, the first match between these teams, which took place in Kiev on September 16, ended with the score 2:2.


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Сергей Ребров: Ребята горят желанием победить Порту