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Selyuk: “Footballers get paid more in Moldova than in Ukraine”

Селюк: "Футболистам платят больше в Молдове, чем в Украине"

In conversation with the “West” famous football agent Dmitry Selyuk said why players are leaving the Ukraine to play in weaker leagues.

“Since the beginning of the crisis the salaries of the players, of course, significantly decreased. Well, someone does not pay, do not know what players live, something must realize by betting in bookmakers. Earlier in “Tavria”, for example, the player could get about 40 thousand dollars, Nazarenko, if I’m not mistaken, the salary was then 80 thousand dollars. What figure am not in the know, and to discuss the rumors don’t want to. But obviously pay more in countries such as Moldova or Azerbaijan. Actually, so players from Ukraine and started to go there. Yes, the sums are not the same that was offered to them at home earlier, but higher than willing to pay now.”

“Same class in order to receive an invitation from Italy or England, is not enough. Yes, went to Spain Konoplyanka, but he went lower wages for the jump in his career. Maybe somewhere more began to receive the Swede, but for him it is primarily a springboard. Who nothing has changed in Ukraine, so it is with stars like Yarmolenko, well, at legionaries, otherwise those would not play. Of course, to maintain the financial conditions at the level of only the giants. The level of the championship, I think, will become more and more similar to Serbian. Likely that will be appropriate and salaries”.