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Rotan: we Have a falling level, and it’s obvious

Ротань: У нас падает уровень, и это очевидно

Ruslan rotan appreciated the current level of the championship of Ukraine.

“I guess if you take all the teams, today only Shakhtar and Dynamo are battling for the championship, because they have no problems neither in salaries nor in the prizes or in gear – nothing. Then comes the Dnieper – Yes, we have our problems, but, well, I see the place where we are, because for some reason we cannot fight for the championship. To fight for the championship, it is necessary to have the same conditions at these three teams. Unfortunately, today we are behind Dynamo and Shakhtar“, – summed up the rotan.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Kolomoisky denied the information about possible sale of the Dnieper.