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Rookie of the Dnieper: Roberto Carlos from childhood was my idol

Новичок Днепра: Роберто Карлос с детства был моим кумиром

Brazilian Anderson Pico promised to do everything to stay in the river.

“I will play for the first time outside Brazil, in the European team. I already talked to a lot of guys, almost all say that Dnipro are a big club. I will do everything to ensure that I bought and I would become a full-fledged player of the Dnieper. I want to stay there a long time: a year, two, three. Now I am very pleased that the Dnieper gave me the opportunity to come here. For me it is an honor, so I will try to play here at least as I’ve played in Brazil.

For me it was important that the team plays a lot of Brazilians, because I don’t speak Spanish, do not speak English. And when you’re surrounded by your countrymen, to facilitate your adaptation. I already understood that your language is difficult to learn it will not be easy, but I will try to do this for your own good. Plus still can’t get used to the time difference, which is six hours.

While I spent only two workouts. But already noticed that there are a lot of contact fighting. I will say that such a game I always liked, and one can see that the team are very skilled. But every team always has room to grow.

I love dense, touch football, can get a shot on goal from outside the penalty area. I similar to Roberto Carlos? You’ve come to the point, Roberto Carlos has always been my idol, since early childhood! I wanted to choose in the river itself the sixth number, which was played by Roberto Carlos. But six was already busy Danilo, so I wanted to choose the room where this figure would be present here and took 36th. As I said earlier, the approach they chose a room,” said Anderson Pico.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the Dnieper announce the signing of Croat Ivan Tomecak and renting Brazilian defender Anderson Pico.