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Rock: we’ll Try to bring back from Poland a positive result

Каменюка: Постараемся привезти из Польши положительный результат

Captain Dawn Nikita rock shared his opinion about the match ended with the Polish Lehi.

“It was an even game. In the first half, they had chances to do so. For a positive result, but strangely, not enough goals scored. Sorry, didn’t use our chances and the opponent used, scoring a goal. As they say, go ahead. We will be ready for the next match.

Legia are a good team. Quick. Good runs in attack and uses the standard position. However, again, we lacked a goal is scored.

I want to Express my gratitude to the fans who came to support us. Very nice to play with such support. Sorry, not pleased with the win, but we will try to bring back from Poland a positive result. We have nothing to lose. We’ll keep playing,” said rock.

Earlier SPORTS bigmir)net wrote that dawn lost the match first leg play-off round of Europa League qualifiers.