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Rigondeaux has refused to fight with Lomachenko

Ригондо отказался от боя с Ломаченко

Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko said that Guillermo Rigondeaux has refused to fight with him.

“Say, why did I call for Rigondeaux to fight many times, I’m actually from another weight class. It was already after Rigondeaux has offered to host the fight. He posted a photo on instagram with the words “let’s do it“, his promotion company addressed to the company, Top Rank, to organize this fight,“ said Lomachenko in his youtube channel.

“When we have already started talking about the match, they put forward different conditions, they said, how much money they want, we have agreed on this. The question arose about the weight, saying that I had a weight per day of the battle was approximately 62.5 kg. We met these conditions.“

“But just yesterday, they answered that they were not yet ready to fight and organize to fight now don’t want. Now all questions to Rigondeaux, his team and himself“, – clarified the situation of the Ukrainian boxer.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Lomachenko was summoned to fight the undefeated Cuban. Lomachenko suggested Rigondeaux half a million dollars for access to the ring against him.