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Rebrov: we Cannot say that the level of the championship of Ukraine fell

Ребров: Нельзя говорить, что уровень чемпионата Украины упал

Dynamo coach Serhiy Rebrov upbeat on the prospects of Ukrainian football.

“We cannot say that the level of the championship of Ukraine fell. I hope that with the arrival of our young Ukrainian boys this level will increase. Just need to give our youth some time. After the situation changed with the dominance of foreign players in the Ukrainian League, the championship has become interesting for our fans: everyone who comes to the stadium, wants his team at least played the Ukrainians, and, as a maximum, players who grew up in his city or region. And now this, I guess, and all is coming”.

“Hopefully, the fans in the second half of the season will understand this and will support our championship will go to football to support our young Ukrainian guys. This is important for all of us – we must raise the level of the championship of Ukraine, and not to say that he fell that Legionnaires don’t. Again, we have very good young guys – they will grow up and replace those Legionnaires that did not correspond to the level of Premier League clubs”, – shared his opinion the coach of Dinamo.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Dynamo gave his player of the Colombian club.