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Rebrov: luck of the draw or not, we learn only after the game

Ребров: Удачный жребий или нет мы узнаем лишь после игры

Head coach of Dynamo Kiev Sergei Rebrov commented on the results of the draw 1/8 finals of the Champions League

“Of course, we would any opponent would have played, were prepared. I think it is absolutely normal draw, you can play. Yesterday I watched the match Manchester city, who won 2-1. What can I say. Man city – strong, balanced team. But in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League misses of other teams. Probably right said Igor Mikhailovich (Surkis) that luck of the draw for us is if we pass this team. Yes, Manchester city is a good, balanced team. But we have already met them quite successfully.

We will analyze this command. Any we can and should find flaws, they also have Manchester city. Games with us, the English will be with us soon, so there is time to prepare. Now we will gather all the information. I’m sure the weak side at Manchester city. Many of the team before the start of the season was considered a favorite of Chelsea in the Premier League and no one could find fault with this team. But the clubs are properly prepared to meet them with dignity and Chelsea played. Similarly, we will prepare for Manchester city. We don’t care what place they now occupy a place in the Premier League you need to prepare and play.

Winter pause in the championship? Well, at uneasy to be without practice and then play in European competition. But every year we pass through it. I think that pass with dignity. It is not clear who will have preferences in the games against Manchester city. We official games may come to the matches without injured players, in a balanced ratio. But what players from Manchester city, and in what condition they will fit, will have to see. After all, in the English Premier League players give their all, and the matches there are sometimes two per week. Now it is difficult to say something. Luck of the draw or not, we learn only after the game.

Will there be any transfers in the winter? The President will be back with the draw and we’ll talk. Yes, we need reinforcement, we need to talk about the contract extension. All of this will be. I am 100% sure that we will find common ground with the President of the club.

What positions will look for players? I’m not at liberty to answer that,“ said Rebrov.

Recall that on 14 December in Nyon the draw for the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. Dynamo Kiev at this stage will play with the English Manchester city.