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Rebrov: Garmash must understand that his role on the field to play for the team

Ребров: Гармаш должен понять, что его роль на поле – играть на команду

After the defeat from Manchester city Serhiy Rebrov has told why he has not played sydorchuk and Yakovenko, Moraes aggravated his injury and that he would like to replace Yarmolenko, but no substitutions.

The head coach of Dynamo Sergei Rebrov after the match 1/8 finals of the Champions League against Manchester city has answered questions of journalists.

“We must recognize, unfortunately, that we lost this game. But lost because of their mistakes, allowing Manchester city used its strengths. We conceded in the first half two goals, but in the second managed to be liberated, to take the initiative to reduce the score. Had the opportunity to score a second goal, but conceded a goal third. In my opinion, today we got some good experience.

We do not have enough experience of playing at this level. There were some moments, but to score the second goal failed, no one delivered the final “point”. Of course, our game was affected by the fact that this is the first official game of the year. I’m glad the guys tried to attack, created chances and scored a goal. Could make even the account. There will be times he will come and goals.

As for Teodorczyk, his replacement was not planned. You know that Moraes was injured on the collection, and quite serious. He says himself that he is not completely ready, and after the match said that aggravated his injury. Put into the starting lineup FC Dynamo Kyiv, but he never entered the game.

From Yarmolenko and I saw the desire and effort. He did for the team everything I could, especially in the second half. If he was in the starting lineup, which means it was 100% ready for the game. It is important that Yarmolenko has stood for 90 minutes. If I had the opportunity to replace, I would replace Andrei in 15-20 minutes before the end of the match. Still, it’s a key player in our team. Glad that there were no injuries, I hope they’ll walk away from Andrew and during the season.

Sydorchuk missed the first gathering, at the second, probably, crossed trained. Same thing happened to Yakovenko, who after yesterday’s training told that he will not be able to play. Players who have not been fully pre-season training, it is not easy to withstand such loads,” said Sergei Rebrov.

Earlier SPORT bigmir)net wrote that Dinamo lost to Manchester city with the score 1:3 in the first match of 1/8 finals of the Champions League.