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Real Madrid demanded a police escort in Lviv

November 23 | 0:04

They were asked to provide a police escort for the team during their stay in Lviv. In addition, two hours before the workout and during the match in the locker room should be: 60 bottles of water (0,5 l), milk, coffee, sugar, biscuits and chocolate bars, plastic cups, fruits (bananas, watermelons, melons and pineapple), ice, 3 massage beds, and one whiteboard.

“Real” will arrive in Lviv on Tuesday at 14.05, then go to the hotel Leopolis Hotel. A training session is scheduled on the same day at 20: 00 (the first 15 minutes of training will be available to the media). Youth team of real Madrid will be staying at the hotel “the Carpathian Gold” in Stryi.

The Madrid club will depart immediately after the match, not staying in Ukraine overnight, according to the “Tribune”.

Match “Shakhtar” – “real” will be held in Lviv on 25 November. The game will start at 21.45.


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