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Real Madrid – Barcelona 0:3 Online broadcast of the championship of Spain

Реал Мадрид - Барселона 0:3 Онлайн трансляция чемпионата Испании

Real Madrid Barcelona November 21 in the match of the 12th round of the championship of Spain. Read online broadcast of the match real Madrid – Barcelona, which will start at 19:15

Real Madrid – Barcelona 0 : 3

Goal: Andres Iniesta (53), Neymar (39), Luis Suarez (11)

Real Madrid: Main: The Keilor Navas, Danilo, Marcelo, Raphael Varane, Sergio Ramos, Toni Kroos, James Rodriguez, Luka Modric, Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Coach: Rafael Benitez, Replacement: ISCO, Daniel Carvajal

Barcelona: Main: Claudio Bravo, Jordi Alba, Gerard Pique, Daniel Alves, Javier Mascherano, Sergio Busquets, Ivan Rakitic, Andres Iniesta, Sergi Roberto, Luis Suárez, Neymar, Coach: Luis Enrique, Subs Not Used: Jeremy Mathieu, Lionel Messi

1: Luis Suarez is on the lawn. The Barcelona forward went from Sergio Ramos in midfield. But the referee shows that the game can continue

2: real Madrid seized the initiative, holding the Barcelona half

3: Cristiano Ronaldo earned a corner for real Madrid on the left flank

3: rodríguez takes the corner into the penalty area, but defenders of Barcelona head knock the ball into the box

5: Barcelona have possession of the ball, the stands welcome whistle of the opponent

6: the team played Cautiously at the start of the match. While there is intelligence

7: Alba gives a pass to Neymar near the penalty area of real Madrid. The last shot but the ball flies above the gate

9: Ronaldo on the right flag beautifully plays with Mascherano and goes to the penalty box Barca. Ronaldo shoots along the goal line, Bravo knocks the hands ball in the box

11: GOAL!!! Sergi Roberto plays a perfect pass into the penalty area on Suarez. He goes 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper and sends the ball past the goalkeeper into the goal!

13: Barcelona after scoring the ball is the first number, but the real Madrid began to counterattack

14: Iniesta with the center line gives a brilliant pass into the penalty real Madrid on the course of Sergi Roberto. That surround the defenders. Roberto gives a pass to Rakitije. The last attempt on goal from the free kick by

15: Mascherano is in the center circle and holding his groin. Apparently, Barcelona defender pulled a muscle

16: the Match continued

18: Ronaldo was fouled by Alves in the struggle for horse ball in the penalty area of Barcelona. Barca will play a free-kick

19: Alba is on the lawn. His foot stepped bale. After a few moments the game vozobnovilos

21: Suarez gets behind the legs of Varane in midfield, Barcelona won the right to a free

22: Barcelona took a free-kick. The Catalans rolled the ball in his own half, pulling the opponent on his half of the field

23: Rodriguez knocks down near his own penalty and Neymar gets a yellow card

24: Neymar’s free-kick hits the right bottom corner, but Navas catches the ball in his hands. The ball at real Madrid

27: Mascherano leaves the field, he can’t continue the game because of an injury

28: change in the composition of Barcelona: Mascherano is on the left Mathieu

28: Rodriguez hit almost from the penalty of Barcelona, but Bravo was on the ground and caught the ball in his hands

30: Dani Alves blow stops the passage of Cristiano Ronaldo. Last dismissed rival and Barcelona defender fell to the turf, making frantic pain

31: the Arbitrator decided to cure the dying player of Barcelona, showing the yellow card for a foul. And Dani Alves back in form, all is well with the player

34: real while it plays in the attack, many in the defense. Barcelona imposes to the club from Madrid their game

36: Dani Alves is back on the field again. This time is Sergio Ramos, who struck with a foot of the defender of Barcelona

37: Everything is fine with the Brazilian player of Barcelona, he was able to continue the game

38: bale from the left flank hung in the goalkeeper of Barcelona. Bravo catches the ball in his hands and releases it. Ronaldo hurries to the ball, but the goalkeeper Barca corrects the error, knocking the ball in front of

39: Iniesta before entering the penalty collected with the real defenders and gave the ball to free Neymar. He moves closer to the goalkeeper, but his shot, goal! Neymar increases the score to 2:0!

42: real ran forward, but it’s more like panic than football. The players of the club of Madrid in the simple moments lose the ball

43: Danilo violates rules on Neymar in the half of Barcelona. The Catalan club were entitled to a penalty

45: the Referee added 2 minutes injury time first half

45+2: Neymar with Suarez dribbled past the entire defense with real Madrid cf playing in a pass between them. Neymar arrived at the gates of Madrid clears the ball for a kick to Suarez, who shoots, but his shot almost out of the gate knocks Danilo!

45+3: the whistle, the teams went into the break.

46: second half Began. The ball in midfield played football, real Madrid

47: Marcelo on the left flank beat two players of Barcelona. He enters the penalty area and shot but the ball flies just wide

48: Another dangerous moment at real Madrid. James Rodriguez shoots from the penalty, but Bravo parries the blow, having beaten off the ball for a corner

49: Aggressively began the second half real. See whether a club from Madrid to level the score in the match

51: Sergio Ramos is penalised for a foul near their penalty area, the referee shows a yellow card

52: Neymar’s free-kick strikes a strong blow under a crossbeam, but Navas reached for the ball and hit the ball for a corner

52: Barcelona took a corner, the real defenders cleared the ball far into the field

53: atdnet Iniesta pass into the box for Neymar. He gives backheel ago. Iniesta has vanishing under the crossbar and the ball flies into the net!

55: Barcelona started to mock the real. Time and time again the Catalans brought the ball into the penalty area of the club de Madrid

55: change in the composition of the real: instead of Rodriguez on the left ISCO

56: Substitution Barcelona: Rakitic is on the left Messi

58: real Madrid earned a corner on the right flank. ISCO takes the corner, the defenders of Barcelona carried the ball into the box

59: Substitution real Madrid: Marcelo on the left Carvajal

60: Lizard after a corner hit his head on goal Barcelona, but Bravo easily caught the ball in his hands

63: Barcelona earned a free kick on the left flank. The Catalans played standard and lost the ball

66: Messi makes a pass to Suarez. That receives the transmission and passes back. Messi fires, but his shot on goal blocked by defenders

68: cuts bale pass into the path of Ronaldo. He goes 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper, but beat the Bravo star of real are unable.

70: Cristiano Ronaldo was in an offside position

The Spanish League 12th round

Real Madrid – Barcelona

21 November, Madrid, stadium Santiago Bernabeu. The beginning of the match: 19-15

Referee: David Fernandez Borbalan

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Real Madrid and Barcelona will compete between themselves in the Central match of the 12th round of the championship of Spain. The battle of two bitter rivals will take place on 21 November at 19:15 in Madrid.