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Real in ten paragraphs explained, why there was no transfer of De GEA

Реал в десяти пунктах обьяснил, почему не состоялся трансфер Де Хеа

The press service of real informed about the details of the transition of the goalkeeper of Manchester United David De GEA.

We offer you the message the press service of the real, placing on the official website of the club of Madrid:

“1. Manchester United have not started negotiations on the transfer of De GEA until the morning of August 31.

2. Real agreed to talks, despite the fact that transitions players in the last day is always accompanied by difficulties.

3. Real Madrid has agreed to the demand Manchester United to include in a deal for De GEA Madrid goalkeeper Navas.

4. Both sides quickly agreed on the transition of both players. And in 13:39 Spanish time “Royal club” has forwarded the documents to the British side. Before the transaction was still enough time.

5. Eight hours later, at 21:43, Manchester United sent the documents back. In the contract have been significant changes, which were accepted by real Madrid for the timely completion of the transaction.

6. 23:32 the documents were signed De GEA and Navas, after which the real sent them to the DOJ. Required signature of the English club.

7. Manchester United has reached a definitive agreement with representatives of Navas at 23:53 Spanish time, after which the contracts have been sent for signature to the player.

8. Manchester United have entered data into the system FIFA TMS at exactly 00:00 and sent them to Madrid. Real Madrid have won contracts at 00:02, when TMS is already locked.

9. At 00:26 Spanish real time still achieved from FIFA to make the information in TMS. After that, the documents were sent to the Spanish La Liga, although the club already understood that time is up.

10. Real Madrid did their best to implement both transfers”, – stated in the message.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the transfer of goalkeeper Manchester United David De GEA failed at the last moment. Later real refused to appeal on the transition.

Earlier, Manchester United announced its position regarding the failure of the transfer of De GEA