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Real confidently defeated Betis, Ronaldo has scored

Реал уверенно разгромил Бетис, Роналду ушел с поля без гола

The team Rafa Benitez had easily dealt with Betis in his field, having obtained the victory with the score 5:0.

The first round of the Madrid held to a very poor start. A goalless draw with modest sporting is not a little bit, what did you expect from the upcoming season of the real fans. Therefore, in the home game against Betis Cream were required to clearly demonstrate that what happened in the first match is nothing but a stupid misunderstanding.

And the hosts Santiago Bernabeu took the case from the first minute. James Rodriguez hung from the right flank and bale ahead of all opponents in the penalty. In the end Gareth confident shot struck his head Adana, putting his team ahead. A quick goal has largely determined the further course of the meeting. It became clear that the Betis today nothing particularly shines, and Madrid will try to score more.

The idea is that more than any other was supposed to act Ronaldo, but tonight exemplary acted the whole attacking line of Madrid. And if anyone is to highlight, in the first place, Rodriguez and Bale, who simply ripped the opponent’s defense. The Colombian eventually scored a brace, while another time gate in Adana sent the ball Benzema.

Given that immediately after the break they put kopeck piece, about the intrigue stutter already not stuck. Remained only to finally figure out how many goals Madrid put on a Saturday night. Well and in particular Ronaldo.

Betis had the opportunity to build a productive response. However, Ruben Castro from the penalty mark failed to beat the Keilor Navas.

In the end, it all ended with a massacre Betis who started and finished for Gareth bale. Ronaldo, meanwhile, leaves the field without a goal. For the second game in a row. No small development for the Spanish Examples.

Real Madrid – Betis 5:0

Goals: Bale, 2, 89, James Rodriguez, 38, 49, Benzema, 47