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Rapid miner 0:1 Online stream of Champions League match

Рапид - Шахтер 0:1 Онлайн трансляция матча Лиги чемпионов

Miner with rocking on 19 August in the knockout stages of the Champions League. Read online broadcast of the match rapid – miner, which will begin at 21:45

Rapid Wien – Shakhtar Donetsk 0 : 1

Goal: Marlos (44)

Rapid Vienna: Main: Jan Novota, Mario Sonnleitner, Christopher Dibon, Mario Pavelic, Stefan Auer, Thanos Petsos, Louis Schaub, Steffen Hofmann, Florian Kainz, Srdjan Grahovac, Robert Berić, Coach: Zoran Barisic

Miner: Main: Andriy Pyatov, Darijo Srna, Olexandr Kucher, Yaroslav Rakitskiy, Marcio Azevedo, Taras Stepanenko, Fred, Marlos, Taison, Alex Teixeira, Alexander Smooth, Coach: Mircea Lucescu

1: the starting whistle Sounds – the match is underway! The ball in midfield played football, miner

1: miner immediately started the game with the attack, which ended with the loss of the ball – the ball went behind the front line

2: Shakhtar Donetsk seized the initiative. Rakitskiy makes a strong shot from distance, Novota beats hands the ball to the corner

3: taison and Marlos played a corner kick, which resulted in the loss of ball in the penalty area Rapid

4: Is only 4 min, and rapid already playing from his own goal. Miners to play like that do not get used, as in the Ukrainian League, most teams plays against them

5: Smooth head clears the ball in front for Teixeira, but he was offside – rapid will perform a free kick

7: rapid attacks down the left flank. In the penalty tent miner, Schaub a header but the ball flies wide

8: Berić (rapid) has an elbow to the head Coachman, for which he receives a yellow card

8: Oleksandr Kucher bleeding. The boys gets help off the field

10: pavelich has an effort from distance on goal miner, Stepanenko, blocking the blow, almost sent the ball into his own net

11: rapid managed to move the game from their gates, the miner is number

13: rapid long rolls the ball in their half of the field, draws to itself more and more of Shakhtar players

14: Teixeira caught the ball. The projectile was on the right flank Srna. He hung in the penalty area, Smooth back to back shoots the gates of the Austrians, but the goalkeeper Jan Novota blocks a shot

16: Shakhtar took the lead. The miners more attack

18: Kainz from the right flank into the penalty miner on Schaub, but Oleksandr Kucher almost blow through gave a pass to Andriy Pyatov into the hands

20: In Vienna, the rain, the field turns into a skating rink – the players often slip and fall

22: an Equal fight on the field. Teams take turns own initiative, but sharper plays rapid

23: Schaub from the right flank into the penalty box of a miner, but to make a shot along the goal line the player Rapida failed. It blocked the transfer Marcio Azevedo

27: Auer (rapid) receives a warning from the referee for a foul on Darijo Srna

28: Fred kick on the right flank, rapid will play a free-kick

28: Hofmann hung in the penalty area of a miner, the Pitmen’s head brought the ball into the box

29: Alex Teixeira breaks into the penalty area Rapida, he goes 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper, but his blows defender. The referee shows that the violations of the no – match continues

30: Dibon (rapid) is shown a yellow card

31: Rakitskiy concedes a free-kick, the ball flew straight into the hands of goalkeeper Rapida

35: Tyson handed the ball from midfield to the penalty and gave the ball to the zone for Teixeira, but the latter failed to take simple transmission – the moment is lost

37: Tyson beet with the penalty at goal slow motion – the ball flies wide of the goal

39: Darijo Srna gets a yellow for a foul against Kainz

39: received a Yellow card and Taras Stepanenko, for what has previously violated the rules in the middle of the field

40: Aleksandr Smooth gets a yellow card for a foul in midfield

41: Berić has an effort from distance past the gate, miner

42: Auer otdat a pass into the penalty miner from the left flank. Kainz has, but Andriy Pyatov in an incredible jump makes a save

44: Rakitskiy from the left flank makes a pass into the box for Marlos. He shifts the ball from one foot to the other and gets in under the left of the bar – goal!

45+1: In the center of the field heads facing Stepanenko and Grahovac. The match has been stopped – players receives medical assistance

UEFA Champions League play-offs

Rapid (Venya, Austria) – Shakhtar (Donetsk, Ukraine)

  • The 2015-16 Champions League: fixtures and results of matches

August 19, Vienna, stadium Ernst Happel. The beginning of the match: 21-45

Referee: Bjorn Kuipers (Acclaimed)

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Рапид - Шахтер 0:1 Онлайн трансляция матча Лиги чемпионов