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Pogba has devoted goal the cancer patient fan

Погба посвятил гол больному раком болельщику

French midfielder dedicated his goal to his 11-year-old child

The midfielder of Juventus Turin’s Paul Pogba scored with a goal during the match 1/8 finals of the Coppa Italia against Torino. Scored goal, the Frenchman has dedicated the cancer patient fan See.

“I am constantly working on execution of penalties in training. Learned a lot from Andrea Pirlo, for which I thank him. The name Bryan on a t-shirt? This 11-year-old fan of Juventus. He’s got cancer. I told him I’d score for him and will always be there for him,“ said Paul in an interview with channel Rai Sport.

We will remind, on December 16, took place the match of 1/8 final of the Coppa Italia, where Juventus in the Turin Derby beat Torino with the score 4:0.

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