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Player the Premier League is cheating on his beloved girlfriend with another player

Игрок АПЛ изменяет любимой с девушкой другого футболиста

The midfielder of crystal Palace Wilfried Zaha got into a rather unpleasant story.

23-year-old crystal Palace Wilfried Zaha is cheating on girlfriend Paige Bannister. The latter, in turn, is the girlfriend of footballer Wolverhampton and youth team England Courtney house.

Zaha and Bannister hide their affair from partners, however, the relationship of the couple has not escaped the attention of the British media. Roman Zaha and Bannister began last fall. According to the source, who preferred to remain anonymous, the girl revels in the attention of guys in high status.

Another interesting fact is that both admitted to each other that have other relationships. Bannister said he sympathizes with friend Wilfried Zaha, and the latter does not bother the fact that he’s not the only beloved have a new passion.

Игрок АПЛ изменяет любимой с девушкой другого футболиста

It is also reported that Bannister is quite greedy for luxury and costliness. So she is constantly placing expensive gifts from your boyfriend in your Instagram. Obviously it attracts a crazy fleet, which is owned by Zaha (Lamborghini, Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes-AMG C63). Friends of the younger socialite shared that she spends a lot of time in the mansion ” with 6 bedrooms, cinema room, sauna and hot tub.

We will note that Zaha, despite such immoral behavior, repeatedly called himself a believer and is quite simple and a good guy.

“I’m a player that will not amaze star fever, the only thing I need is to be a professional and always conduct themselves in an appropriate way”, – quoted Zahi English edition.