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Player Alexandria intends to leave at Dawn to join the national team of Ukraine

Игрок Александрии намерен уйти в Зарю, чтобы попасть в сборную Украины

23-year-old defender Artem Sukhotsky in the winter is going to move to Luhansk club.

According to the official website of Alexandria, 23-year-old defender Artem Sukhotsky is no longer a player on the team.

“FC Alexandria is grateful for the cooperation of the defender of the team Artem Sukhotsky, a contract which ended on 31 December 2015. FC Alexandria Artem wished success in his new club, ” reads a statement on the official website of the club.

“Artem Sukhotsky decided to continue his career in the Dawn. He was invited to Luhansk club, although in Alexandria were interested in continuing cooperation with this player.

Sukhotsky can understand he wants to evolve, playing as part of a team, being in third place in the table. Ahead because now we have the prospect to try his hand in European competition, besides, Artem is going to get into the national team of Ukraine. The potential he has and good,” said Volodymyr Sharan.