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Palkin told about the ultimatum to the broadcasters to the clubs representatives

Палкин рассказал про ультиматум телевизионщиков представителям клубов

Sergei Palkin believes that if the Ukrainian League will not start to earn, it will be the end.

The Director General of Shakhtar Donetsk Sergey Palkin told about the meeting of the working group on format of the championship.

“The TV people said that if 16 — they will not show. They will show 50% of the games and that’s it. When we say that we want to do geography, and that geography will only see those who come to the stadium. And it’s not so many people.

When we were at the meeting of the Premier League, I said that here sit two TV show the entire championship, we, roughly speaking, is not needed here. They should play “the fiddle”, I have to say, what is the format of interest to them, to the value of the championship has increased and transmission has grown. That’s it. And we should technically adjust the format under their requirements that they want.

This is the only way, the way to increase ratings and attendance. If today the championship will start earning, that will be the end. By and large, the same requirement imposed UEFA about financial fair play is that clubs have begun to make, that they were independent from the point of view of financial flows from the owners. And it’s also correct”, – said Sergei Palkin.

Earlier it was reported that Premier League will prepare options for calendar format with 12 clubs