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The police detained the Polish fan.


One of the fans of Legia tried to break the camera of a cameraman, for which he was arrested by the police. The MVD was detained Polish fan of Lehi, who showed aggression to the cameraman and tried to smash his camera. “Around 17:00, a young man from a group of fans who came from Poland at today’s football game, ...

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Fans made fifteen hundred policemen to take to the streets of Kiev


Mass brawl in the Park, organized by fans of Legia and Ukrainian football fans, forced Kyiv police to increase the number of guards on the streets. At the match they will work not less than a thousand. At the same time, fan the procession Polish fans already accompanied by a large group of policemen. As reported in social networks, our ...

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The Mexican boxer was removed from the flight because of a ticket to Crimea


Russian promoter Vladimir Hryunov told some details about the upcoming Boxing show in Sevastopol “I want to say that for the first time sporting event from the Crimea will be broadcast in 104 countries worldwide. My partner is a British company Box Nation – as part of its television partners have distributed signal. Including us, will be broadcast on ESPN ...

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The Ukrainian team went to fight in Macao


■ 20 August | 14:31 Ukraine national basketball team in preparation for the Eurobasket 2015 went to an international tournament in Slovenia, where he will play with the national team of Italy (August 21), Slovenia (August 22) and Finland (23 August). At the tournament the team Evgeny Murzin left in this part: Maksym Pustozvonov, Alexander Mishula, Igor Zaitsev, Maxim Kornienko, ...

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Olympic champion bear live accompanied by a choir


Olympic champion in figure skating Marina Anisina decided, obviously, to outshine successor at the ice dancing Tatiana Navka that after the wedding with the press Secretary of Putin Sand is not coming down because of the scandal from the front pages of Newspapers. To rattle the clock for half a million euros and sunbathing on a luxury yacht Anisina, however, ...

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