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Our biathletes decided on a summer world forum

Наши биатлонисты определились с составом на летний мировой форум

The national team has named the athletes who will go to summer world Cup. It will be held in the Romanian town Cheile-Gradisca (near Brasov) from 28 to 30 August.

In the adult team – seven men: Sergey Semenov, Dmitry Pidruchniy, Vladimir Semakov, Fatty Alexander, Artem prima, Vitaly Chelcicky, Dmitry Rusinov. And five the ladies: Julia, Jim, Irina Vavrinec, Yana Bondar, Olga Abramova, Hope Belkin.

Topic: Famous Ukrainian biathlete first became a father

Draws attention to the absence of three Olympic Champions Sochi 2014. As it turned out, Vita Semerenko experiencing health problems, Elena Pidgrushna heals received injury in the summer, and in the training of Valentina Semerenko summer championship is not included.

Another nine will perform in our youth competition: four boys and five girls. Moreover, young people will run speakers already among adults and Anastasia Merkushin and Julia Merkushyna.