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Official Barcelona uvolili bad words about Messi

Guide of Barcelona continues to perform every whim of their main star.

Official website of Barcelona reports that the club has released from a post of the Director for cooperation with the Spanish football Federation the Feather Gratacos. In the official notice says that the functionary fired for a public statement of his own position, which is contrary to the interests of the club.

Spanish journalists immediately picked up the theme, and guessing about what exactly the statement in question. No need to be a genius to understand that the leadership of the Catalan club was not satisfied with the words of Gratacos about Messi, in particular, the now ex-employee of the club said the following:

“Barcelona is not just Messi. Don’t be in the club, Iniesta, Neymar, Suarez and the others would not be so good.” As you can see, the seemingly innocuous phrase was enough to Gratacos lost jobs. Note that no information about influence whether the dismissal of the former Director of the Messi – no.