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Murzin: Team progresses

Мурзин: Сборная прогрессирует

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine on basketball summed up the results of the qualifying tournament of Eurobasket, in which our guys got way

“We lost twice to Slovenia in the qualifiers, but the level of basketball in Slovenia is much higher than in Ukraine, it is a fact. They have a large number of excellent training bases, where they can comfortably train. They have a brilliant leader in the person of Goran Dragic, and indeed the team has increased compared with previous years. Today in Europe, there is little a player like Dragic, a man 8 years playing in the NBA and not lost in a strong team.

Slovenes coach – Igor Kokoskov, the first European assistant in the NBA. He has a great experience overseas. In addition, I note that all players are on leading roles in their clubs.

Almost all of them play in the Euroleague, it’s very played and experienced players. But we have made progress in this regard. This year a lot of players played abroad. In the Spanish championship played Kravtsov, Otverchenko, Pustovoy, sandul. I think that the Spanish League is the strongest on the continent. In addition, we had representatives in the Championships of Italy and France, in a word, the guys have grown in experience and personal growth.

I would like to add that we will have good prospects at Eurobasket, if we can draw national team Leon and Bolomba. Follow the herun summarizes in Spain Mikhaylyuk in the NCAA, ” concluded the coach of the yellow-blue.