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Mircea Lucescu: In my football career there was no such luck

Мирча Луческу: В моей футбольной карьере еще не было такого везения

The head coach of Shakhtar Mircea Lucescu commented on the way his team into the group stage of the Champions League

“Satisfied that we were in the group round of the Champions League. Not with the second half, the mistakes we made in defence, especially in the last seconds and the final minutes of the game. Perhaps there’s some justification. Still Kryvtsov the last three months more she was treated. His uncertainty was transferred to the whole defense, made a lot of fouls. Let’s hope that by next week he will be well prepared to rise to the level of all other players.

We played against a well-organized and aggressive team. The opponent chose a good tactic, didn’t give us the opportunity to get out of defence and put us under pressure. True, and we are trying to keep the score 2:2, started making a lot of gear ago by Andriy Pyatov, and he was knocked out, unfortunately, not on the middle of the field. There the ball was picked up by the opponent, and once again we had to take it away.

I want to say that you made a big mistake by the judge. When we were shooting the free kick over the wall were two players of the opponent. How to act in such cases? For players who are offside, put on their players or what? Dario provoked them, then walked out.

All right, the referee had to fix the offside. So the second mistake: if you remember, in Vienna there was a time when Stepanenko blocked his player, the referee gave the opportunity to finish the episode, then went back to him and showed a yellow card. Today, when fouled on a Smooth, had to give finish to Marlos, who was one at the gate. Or, if you’re still broke the goal attack, should give a red card in this episode.

The referee broke scoring chances and thus helped the team that broke the rules. Very dissatisfied by the counter, which we held. We had a numerical advantage in attack. Our players are highly skilled, but unfortunately, the final pass failed to do. This led to the fact that the end of the match was dramatic and infarct. I have to admit that in my football career, there was no such luck today in the final seconds.

Surprisingly, Berić not have scored with a header from six yards. And then there was the time when Andrew hit the ball in front of him and the players Rapida hit the post. Pyatov, probably in that episode was nervous that it’s unforgivable. Overall a very intense match. I’m happy with the result and congratulated the guys that went out in the group stage.

I think there’ll be more careful and prepared. It’s a pity that yesterday Kuchar broke down in training, Ordets injured and had to put Krivtsov, who has not played for three months.

Unfortunately, the goals in the Champions League don’t depend on us. Around us is still a situation that is not always helping us, and in the championship too. We are a team that constantly plays on the road, without their stadium and their fans. And in Vienna, and today there were errors. Even if Collina admitted that the championship game was a penalty, when there were three of them… that says something.

Football is played, unfortunately, not only on the field but also in the offices. Perhaps there is someone big interests. But we will go further! The fans should be confident that we will play in the group stage very well, and they’ll appreciate,” said Lucescu.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Shakhtar Donetsk played a 2-2 draw with rapid Vienna in the second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League and went out in the group stage of the tournament.