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Milevsky: the first day in Concordia put new partners on a beer bottle

Милевский: В первый день в Конкордии выставил новым партнерам по бутылке пива

Concordia midfielder shared his impressions from staying in the Romanian team

Concordia forward Artem Milevsky spoke about a new club, the Romanian League and their position on the field.

– A few questions about Romanian Liga 1. Can you compare it with Croatian or Turkish leagues you played in the last year or two?

– Perhaps, the football here is rough and vigorous and quite uncomfortable for me. At the moment we are conducting a very intense matches of the second round. And although Concordia was in the company of teams that are fighting for survival in the top division in each of them there are 1-2 very interesting player with a high level of individual skill.

– I have read that Concordia plays mostly on synthetics. How have you developed relationships with artificial turf?

– Yes, you are right, home we really spend on artificial turf, although in the possession of the club and has normal fields. What can I say? So far, knock on wood, nothing wrong with me did not happen: high-quality synthetics allows for the elimination of accidents.

– Mentor your club adrián Falub uses you as a free artist. And yet the position you more striker or playmaker?

– See, we usually play a 3-5-2 system, and half for the coach really gives me a lot of freedom. But, in fact, I play in place either extended or drawn a little forward…

– During the first day in a new club you put new partners on a beer bottle?

– Yes, this is the tradition here.

– And what about the coaches?

– Absolutely normal. To cite one example. After our victory 3:0 against Dinamo President Concordia went into the locker room, opened a bottle of beer and turn nuts with all the players.

Can imagine, to imagine what it would be like if something like that made, say, Igor Mikhailovich Surkis… Perhaps, crazy like all the others, said Milevsky.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Milevsky continues to score in the Romanian League.