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Midfielder Dawn: Fit for the match against Trabzonspor in full combat readiness

Полузащитник Зари: Подходим к матчу с Легией в полной боевой готовности

Midfielder Zorya Lugansk Igor Tchaikovsky shared his mood before the game against Legia in the first leg play-off Europa League

– Approach the game in full combat readiness. The mood is positive.

– Quite simply you won in some meetings of the Ukrainian championship. Not prevent it, in some degree, in the preparation?
– It seems that the matches were simple. Every game is not easy. Chernomorets, for example, we were unable to score in the first half and it was easier just after we scored the first goal.

– What is the command to tune easier – to Charleroi or Lehi?
– I think that at Lehi. Because this and another opponent and the stage is quite different. Already want to play (smiles).

– Said Yuri Nikolaevich about the game and the Legion?
– Of course, all details will not disclose, but they have a good team with good players.

– Which is better in the first game is not to concede or score?
– It would be ideal to score and not to concede. However, if you choose, then perhaps it would be better to leave the gate outside implications.

– In the last meeting in Kiev you very well supported. I hope for the same support?
– Of course. I wish the audience was even greater, and they are all sick and supported us.

– In your opinion, what is the harder opponent – Feyenoord or Lehi?
– I can only say tomorrow after the match (smiling).


Recall that the first match of the playoff round of the Europa League Zorya – Metalist will take place on 20 August in Kiev. On SPORTS bigmir)net will be available live text broadcast of the match, which will start at 20:00.