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Midfielder Bayern: the Amount of transfers defy all logic

Полузащитник Баварии: Суммы трансферов не поддаются никакой логике

The Bayern midfielder Arturo Vidal believes that the club is spending too much money on player transfers.

“It seems to me that the amount of transfers now defy all logic. The clubs pay the players the money, as if they have to score 3-4 goals per match” – quoted Vidal ADN.

“Players should cost less because there is always a player who costs less and plays better,” said Vidal.

Tellingly, for the Vidal Bayern paid a large sum of 40 million euros.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Thiago Alcantara extended his contract with Bayern. Also the Bavarians can leave with his lawyer, who claims Wolfsburg.