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Metalurg’s coach: After the fifth of December all will be dismissed

Тренер Металлурга: После пятого декабря все будут уволены

The main Metalurg’s coach Anatoly chantsev commented on the defeat of his team in the match with Alexandria

“What are your impressions? A shame – there’s nothing more I can say about this game. Very ashamed! We wanted to win, and tuned, and prepared. Still struggled in the first half. You see — there is no class, there is no experience, there is no longer any motivation. With this marriage we have today in the programs, it is difficult to hope for some creativity, some sharp points. The second half we said, “Guys, will play with the wind, it is necessary to hit the target”. But were the shock position, and we or the ball flies off God knows where, or just any heel their make up. In addition, it is a shame, I have nothing more to say. Ashamed. To me personally,” began the coach of the team from Zaporozhye.

“Progress? Said that after the 5th of December, all will be dismissed. The liquidation process goes, this was announced officially – here and all progress. This applies to all players, coaches, and all employees of the club – all will be dismissed”.

“Sending the Anointed one take? First, it is their inter-squad problems. And the second you see, today Kovalevsky appeared on the field. In training, he proved to be efficient. As we said, give young people a chance to show themselves, to manifest, to feel the level of the Premier League. Maybe something else will happen with the team. And you know, it is always hard to go first time in the Premier League for young players. And so they have zero experience. Again, now the guys only motivation to play for his name. As already mentioned babiychuk that we now play for the honour of the club. But for the honor of the club also need to go out and play, to give not 100 percent, but 200. Unfortunately, today not all do. I don’t know why. Although, yesterday on the theory, and today, at the set all said that the fight will be. But look what happened”.

“The condition of the lawn? I will say this: both teams played in the same conditions. It so happened that yesterday was the match. But Alexandria played in the same conditions. If we talk about the compare command, Alexandria is much more mobile, they have more power, athletic football. All the guys are not particularly different to some possibilities, but within the game aims to do their very best. Because of this, they after the First League now entrenched in mid-table of the Premier League”.