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“Metallurg” will not withdraw from the League

"Металлург" не будет сниматься с чемпионата

Despite the statement “the Metallurgist” about the withdrawal of funding from October 1, UPL see no reason to talk about withdrawing teams from the competition. “We contacted the leadership of Zaporizhzhya club, today there are no preconditions for the termination of the membership of the team this season,” said “news” the General Director Peter Ivanov PL.

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The situation also commented on the players, they say, have read the statements made by the club on the website, but in person they coach or lead nothing reported. Now the team prepares for Saturday’s home match against Dnipro. However, they say two months the players are not paid a salary. However, CHU is not that long. Especially when compared with Hoverla, where the players sit without salaries for over a year. Although, of course, this is not the example which is to be equal.

But they say that it’s not the lack of Finance. “The money is there, and what happens in the club — clean policy. The team will continue to play in the PL”, — has told “news” a source in the club. According to rumors, in the near future with the leadership of Metalurh want to meet the ultras, and today to communicate with the club’s bosses will be the President of Zaporizhzhya OFF Victor Mezheyko.