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Mayweather: I’ve beaten all the best fighters of his era

Мейвезер: Я побил всех лучших бойцов своей эпохи

Floyd Mayweather praised his success in the Boxing career.

“Berto is a two-time world champion. It is no different from the other guy – Amir Khan, about the fight now. He’s as two-time world champion, Amir Khan. Amir three defeats, and Berto three defeats. Really doesn’t matter who I chose. They will always have something to say. I can judge a fighter by his last opponent. And in his last fight Berto did what I had to do” – quoted Mayweather Fightnews.

“Actually doesn’t matter who my opponent is. There will always be critics. First they said He is afraid of Pacquiao. And I beat the guy, whom they placed so highly. But he was not happy. Matters to me, whether I am happy. I had a fight with Cotto, Alvarez, Manny Pacquiao and Diego Coralles, may he rest in peace, when he was on top. I fought with him when he was undefeated. I had a fight with Ricky Hatton, code that never knew defeat. I’ve beaten all the best fighters of my era,” he assessed their progress Mayweather.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Golovkin is ready to move to a lighter weight for the fight with Mayweather.

British boxer Amir Khan said that he would like to take a seat Mayweather.