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Mayweather arrived in Moscow to find new ties with Russia

Мейвезер прилетел в Москву, чтобы находить новые связи с Россией

Former world champion in five weight categories American Floyd Mayweather during his visit to Moscow, told about basic principles of life, big money and future plans

“In the U.S. there is a saying: money makes the man, and the man money. I had a difficult childhood: no water, no light, mother used drugs. When I was a kid, my dad shot my uncle. I always wanted the top to provide for his family. I made the impossible possible. Coming into the match, I never thought about money. I thought about your fans, about how to defeat your opponent. The ultimate goal for which I earn to help my family. But money for me is not important. I retired from Boxing, because health is more important to me.

Why chose Moscow for training? My American fans have been with me from the beginning. But every day I grow and become a world figure. Now I’m ready to meet my fans. You need to find new ties with Russia. I specifically didn’t choose this country. It just happened.

Every day I dream about different things. I want my children graduated from high school, went to College — it’s short-term goals. Want to get a diploma, because I had to drop out. Maybe pass some courses in College. This goal for yourself” – quoted Floyd Mayweather Lenta.ru.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Mayweather ended his career with a victory over Berto.

After the match, the undefeated boxer said he had achieved the triumph for their expertise.