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Marmazov: would be happy if Shakhtar played in the championship of Russia

Мармазов: Был бы счастлив, если бы Шахтер играл в чемпионате России

The former head of the press service of Shakhtar Ruslan Marmazov said the desire of the collapse of Ukraine and the performances of the miners in the championship of Russia.

What if tomorrow Ukraine will not be? At all!

– Here! This would have seriously simplified the situation!

There you are! We found a solution for the salvation of football.

Imagine me there since childhood, went to football. And in Donetsk matches are hype. On a bus to pop is impossible. And then… the First championship of Ukraine… to Come in to play. I got tetanus just happened. First, empty the stadium. Several people are sitting vodka-tomatoes, and with each other talking from across the field. Because you can talk. To docreate. Silence. No one. And the game… I Have like this happened then the stress, I for some time didn’t go to football. I couldn’t see. I just had witnessed a lot of Football, Soviet. With many schools and stars. And I like this Temp Shepetivka take a look! Great?

So, you know, who in this situation with an independent Ukrainian championship has undoubtedly benefited? It only Dynamo Kyiv. Because they knew exactly what they long time will be the Champions. And so it happened. They make the rules. They are still trying to do. You know? There, on the crumbling Ukraine.

– Shakhtar drag in the open championship of the Russian Federation.

What is he open? Just will be the championship of Russia. And that’s it. And it will be Russian territory. I hope so, ‘ said Marmazov.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the former press attache of the miner considers himself part of the “Russian world“.