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Markevitch: the First half our players away on foot

Маркевич: Первый тайм наши игроки отходили пешком

Dnipro coach Myron Markevych spoke candidly with the press after a draw match against Chernomorets.

– In the game of the Dnieper was an incredible amount of errors. What is the cause? Or players completely lost motivation?

– If a player takes the field, you need to completely surrender. Otherwise no need at all to go. So just go and think that we are the Dnieper, and will play on one leg… Those days are gone. Need to go out and prove his game.

The first half moved on foot, and well, we didn’t score. Chernomorets wanted more, shall we say, not to lose. In the second half, added a bit, but it’s not enough to win.

Probably need more players to ask why. I understand that responsibility for that coach, but… Someone just runs across the field. The impression that it is not necessary. We need to play four matches: two in the Europa League, two in the championship. But the attitude with which he played in the first half, not the team colors.

– Are there any methods of influence on the players? Or are you exhausted?

In the end (chuckles). I understand what you are saying. The Dnieper river was on the same level as last year. Left key players, and came just do not pull. This is evident, and not need to deceive ourselves. You need to understand what we want and what team in Dnepropetrovsk want to see. If such, as is – so it will play. If a serious team – you need more serious for me and treat.

– Didn’t want the players to save some energy before the game in Rome?

– What is the economy of forces? I’m asking you. There’s a match, the team came out to play. If you think about what will happen in Rome Today… had to go out and win. Don’t want to offend in no event Chernomorets, but the team stayed the same name. What was it two or three years ago and now. The stadium is just beautiful.

– With the release of the composition Zozulya of Dnipro has become a very attacking, but the moments created at least. The impression that the players met for the first time in one line.

– Zozulya only started it half a year did not play. We give him the feature back in line because it is the soul of the team, he can make the team. So I release. He’s just not ready. Seleznev many emotions gave in Slovenia, it is also not in the best shape.

– How do you feel the mood of the players, they still believe in the groupstage of the Europa League?

– I hope. Still playing in Rome at this stadium. If there is not already playing, then I don’t know where to play.

We will remind, Dnepropetrovsk Dnipro played a draw with Chernomorets in the match of the 15th round of the championship of Ukraine.