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Markevitch: I don’t think in the near future Yaroslavl will return to football

Маркевич: Не думаю, что в ближайшее время Ярославский вернется в футбол

Coach of the Dnieper Myron Markevych spoke about the celebration of the New Year with Alexander Yaroslavsky and about the transfer rumours around the team.

“I want Chygrynskyy left, because, for example, if a team leaves Douglas, will, whom he replaced. But as it’s all settled, I can not say. There all the matter in the conditions of the personal contract,“ Markiewicz clarified the situation with Chygrynskiy.
“Fedorchuk out. Again – the club and the player have agreed the personal terms of the agreement. Well as invitations Adamuk, it was my initiative. Want to see the quarterback, which is well proven in Dneprodzerzhinsk Steel“.

“Care Selezneva? I don’t know where he was going. Zhenya is now practicing with the team. On these topics it is better to speak with the owner of the club,“ commented the coach of the Dnieper latest transfer rumours.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Dnipro went on a training camp in Turkey without rotan and Douglas.