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Markevitch: Definitely, we should get out of the group

Маркевич: Однозначно, нам надо выходить из группы

The head coach of the Dnieper Miron Markevich commented on the result of the draw group stage of the Europa League for his team

“We got almost the same group as before. Only instead of inter, we have to play with Lazio, and instead of the Karabakh – Rosenborg. Well, with Saint-Etienne we’ve played. In General, the normal lot, we must prepare.

Lazio? A good team that last season ranked third in the Italian championship. The fact that she lost to Bayer in the battle for the Champions League, with clean, speaks of the marriage of the experience of the Italians. But the team is serious, well-stocked. As far as I know, none of the players this summer left the club. It will be fun to play with Lazio.

  • The results of the draw for the Europa League

Favorite bands Lazio? It is difficult to say who are the favourites. The game itself will show who is favorite and who is not. To be honest, I’m more worried about the fact that we will play without fans in an empty stadium. This is our biggest drawback. But we will try to play well.

How I see Dnipro in the Europa League? We need to maintain its status as a finalist of the Europa League. Clearly, we need to go out from the group.

As for picking the team, then I personally would like to see the transition of Ksendz quickly ended. Also would like to see the team joined another two or three players, if we want to qualify for something serious. Well, for example, to leave the group. Position? Well, there where we have a problem,” said Markevich in an interview with TV channel Football 1.

We will remind, on August 28, held the draw for the group stage of the Europa League. The Dnieper was in group G where they will play matches against Lazio, Saint-Etienne and Rosenborg.