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Markevich: We have already suffered because of such fans, it is now the turn Dynamo

Маркевич:  Мы уже не раз страдали из-за таких фанов, теперь пришла очередь Динамо

The head coach of the Dnieper Myron Markevych, Recalling a recent game against Chernomorets, touched upon two topical issues – the condition of the fields and the behavior of fans

“Speaking of Odessa match, can not touch the topic of a football field. Not at such a beautiful stadium to be a lawn! This is not a field and a vegetable garden. To hold two matches a month, and that the turf was in such a wretched state, for such a football city like Odessa, it’s embarrassing! Especially with such a good weather, which was most of autumn.

And I would like to say about the situation in the stands during the match. A group of pseudo-fans, who used pyrotechnics, generally consider abnormal. You know, we have already suffered because of such fans, holding the matches in the Europa League without spectators. And now Dynamo.

I don’t understand those fans who all this mess they are doing. The question is: they come to “cheer“ for your favorite team or create problems for the club? Such let the fans decide what they want. Behave in a way impossible, and even more so in our time. And is it any wonder the stands are empty? Who, tell me, will walk to the stadium if there’s something burn, explode? The arrival in the same Odessa teams like Dnipro or Dynamo must be for local football fans, who wish they went with the whole family, with children.

In our country and so many problems, and there are still would-be bolelshiki create out of the blue. Apparently, they like it. I suspect that they are even playing do not watch for them, the main blow, something to burn. Unfortunately, similar occurs not only in Odessa but also in other cities. I wish such fans thought, who they do worse,“ said Markevich.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that UEFA has punished Dynamo with two matches in European competition without spectators.Later, the President of Kiev Igor Surkis stated that the club would appeal against UEFA’s decision.