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Lucescu: Sevilla – the team just for the European Cup

Луческу: Севилья – команда как раз для еврокубков

Shakhtar coach Mircea Lucescu has called for a press conference before the match of 1/2 final of the Europa League against Sevilla.

– Tell me, what adjustments in the game miner you will be spending, based on the mistakes that were made in the first game?
We’re not very many mistakes in the first fight. The error was in the first minutes, when we scored a goal. And so, if we take into account that Sevilla usually generates a large number of moments in the game with us, there were not very many. In the second goal most likely was a mistake of the judge. Ferreira did not touch Vitolo. Footballer of Seville very well and professionally faked this time. The opponent made a penalty kick she needed. Many times we revised the time – never touches leg Ferreyra leg Vitolo. Remember 2007, when we played here, and also in our gate have appointed two penalties. Will ask his players to be more careful, because the opponent is composed of very experienced players who know how to act in a given situation. It is clear that they will do everything possible to achieve a positive result in front of their fans.

If we talk about the game in Lviv, that was a very good first half. We have implemented several counter-attacks, which usually are implementing. Big mistake, probably, was that in the second half we were content with the score 2:1 and wanted to keep this result until the end of the match. Tomorrow we are expecting a difficult game. Sevilla – the team just for the European Cup. There are no young players, all experienced players who have passed a number of leading clubs. Leading the team is a strong coach, which is qualitatively studying the opponent very well and puts his game.

– After the result 2:2 you will have to risk, probably, from the first minute. Does it complicate the task of the miner in this confrontation?
– View of how to develop the game. That is your opinion, what are we going to risk it. And the match will provide a lot of options. So let’s see how we will act. Everything will depend more on how the act will be the home team. They certainly would fit the audience that filled the stadium. And we also have to use it.

– Both teams know well and he has carefully studied each other. Is it possible in the match at this stage to give a surprise? And anyone can do it: you or Sevilla?
The surprise would be, in the first place, that Tyson had a fight at your present level. Because in the first game he has not played even 50 percent of their capacity. If Tyson will be in maximum form, then our team too will benefit greatly. I think both teams will take the field in almost the same compositions as in the first match. The only difference is that this time the teams know each other even better than before the previous game.

Recall, the return match of 1/2 final of the Europa League Sevilla – Shakhtar Donetsk will take place on 5 may at the stadium Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.

We will add that on SPORTS bigmir)net will be available a text online broadcast of the match, which will start at 22:05.


Earlier it was reported that the miner has missed a victory over Sevilla in the Europa League.

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Луческу: Севилья – команда как раз для еврокубков