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Lucescu: I don’t think our current level will allow us to win the Europa League

Луческу: Не думаю, что наш нынешний уровень позволит победить в Лиге Европы

The head coach of Shakhtar Mircea Lucescu, commented on the Shakhtar’s win over Schalke in the Europa League.

“An unchallenged victory. I want to say again: for a team that would be in the return match, the result in Lviv was positive. We were ready for a game. Knew that Schalke will rush forward and attack. They could not wait out the time. And we could do it. Had patience and very organized defensively. Well-conducted counterattacks.

All goals were scored after thoughtful action. The home team did all they could: they attacked much and kept us under pressure. But they didn’t have discipline, concentration and focus, and we have used it. Good result considering our team which substitution of players occurs in the composition. To some extent, and changing the game. We move from technical football, which was until this year, to bet on a good defensive organization.

Today, Ferreira did very well. It must be his best match since then as he’s on the team. Maybe he’s too tired to be a spare player. He had a good preparatory period. No courage in the first leg to produce on the field. But think about how to start a championship with him in the lineup.

Victory in the Europa League? I don’t think we now have the ability to win the Europa League. Firstly, this requires a group of players from 20 people, in which those who comes on as a sub, would be tantamount to those who played in the starting lineup. We are in a period of transformation, the refreshment of the team’s young players. Today debuted Boryachuk, young Korobenko was in stock, well played Kovalenko. We will do everything possible, in every game to give our all. And as you’ll see,” – said Lucescu.

Earlier SPORT bigmir)net wrote that Shakhtar defeated with the score 3:0 for Schalke and made it to the 1/8 finals of the Europa League.