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Lucescu: Dynamo now roughly level with Chelsea

Луческу: Динамо сейчас примерно на уровне с Челси

The mentor of Shakhtar Mircea Lucescu commented on the prospects of the Ukrainian clubs in the Champions League.

“All can imagine what is real and PSG. You probably know less about malmö, I know a little bit more. The difficult situation we are in now does not allow us to buy players. At our disposal only those who are in stock at the moment, plus the young, which gradually fit in… With great patience trying to keep Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League” – said Lucescu.

“A very specific situation, and in these challenging circumstances, the miner keeps your brand highly enough. We’ll give ourselves a chance to finish, as all the other teams. I read a quote Blanc, he does not take us into account… a number of coaches, Mancini, Ancelotti, had spent a lot of money on buying players, Mourinho is almost a billion. They invite those players who want, and probably have an advantage over other teams. Of course, the big players want to go to the clubs and PSG is one of them. Plus these teams participate in the Championships with a lot of competition. We have a championship to the teams met in European competition. You can see the occupancy of the stadium. It is important that in the Champions League arena will be full, there will be good support, and it very much encourages players. In General, unfortunately, is a state of relaxation”.

“It’s easier if Dinamo Champions League group? At first glance, Yes. But it’s all the teams in the Champions League, so it’s hard to say who is weaker or not. I don’t think Dinamo will be easier in tel Aviv as it seems. The team from Israel rather play well at home. As we will be tough away from malmö. But here’s the difference in another: Maccabi more technical players, and the Swedish team is tall and powerful. Probably until the Port – still he lost the championship,” said Lucescu.

“And Chelsea is a team that usually doesn’t lead the game and dictates the terms, and good defensive and waiting for their moments on the counter. I think Dynamo in its current state approximately at the level of Chelsea. Therefore, I believe that Arsenal have a good chance to fight for first two places. We will be slightly more complicated if we take into account the quality of players real Madrid and PSG. Especially the Paris team. But we will try to play our football the bottom and use the qualities of our team. Real also goes through some changes in the squad with a new coach Benitez. I would like one: we want to be respected! That was not again unnecessary penalties and unfairly remote players,” added the coach of Shakhtar.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that according to the Spanish press Shakhtar will fight with Malmo for the Europa League.