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Lomachenko: In my childhood I thought that Mike Tyson is Ukrainian and lives somewhere in our area

Ломаченко: В детстве я думал, что Майк Тайсон украинец и живет где-то в наших краях

Vasyl Lomachenko spoke about his favorite boxer in childhood.

“As a child I was Mike Tyson. In six years, in my opinion, I learned that he is not Ukrainian. I thought that it is Ukrainian and lives somewhere in our area. Always worried about him, was sick. And so, at one point the conversation turned to the father and he said, no, Mike lives far away in America. And he’s not,” said Lomachenko in an interview with Proman.

Earlier SPORT bigmir)net reported that in Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy is one of the streets was renamed in honour of Lomachenko.