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Leonenko: Khatskevich can give us a nasty surprise

Леоненко: Хацкевич может преподнести нам неприятный сюрприз

Viktor Leonenko said, what can we expect from the team of Alexander Khatskevich.

“There is a feeling that Alexander Khatskevich can give us a nasty surprise. And last but not least because of its many still do not consider it a serious coach, and he, in fact, a very competent guy. Belarusians are generally very healthy, and that I like them. It’s hard to say how different this team when Khatskevich, but it doesn’t have to particularly worry about Mykhaylo Fomenko’s team.

Want to see our team won, as she should in this match to take three points. Although they get we will, as always, hard.

Here we must look truth in the eye and realistically assess your chances, and then listen to some, we go straight for the Brazilians and Spaniards. At the same time, the team name players in their clubs spare. I think, that we degrade ourselves,” says Leonenko.


We will remind, the Ukrainian team will play against Belarus on Saturday, the 5th of September. We will add that SPORT bigmir)net will lead a text online broadcast of the match Ukraine – Belarus, which will start at 19:00. Live match will reveal the channels of Ukraine and Football 1.

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Леоненко: Хацкевич может преподнести нам неприятный сюрприз