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Legionnaire Dynamo: the Euro will become for Ukrainians a real outlet

Легионер Динамо: Евро станет для украинцев настоящей отдушиной

The Polish Dynamo Kyiv striker Lukasz Teodorczyk has told about how he handled the results of the draw for Euro 2016, explaining to his countrymen what is now the situation in our country

“After having recovered from the injury I score goals and send signals, as would very much like to play for the national team in France. Cannot be and speeches about the rent, I’m staying in Kiev and I will fight for a place in the first team of Dynamo.

Before the draw for Euro 2016 Ukraine was in my group of dreams. This is a strong team, but we can. The backbone consists of players Dynamo Kiev and Shakhtar. They are very played. Is trump the national team of Ukraine. And of course, strong flanks and strong defense.

The situation with the team is stable. Due to the political situation in the country people are single. In the city we see a lot of flags. Every day looks like in Poland during some important state celebrations. The war United people, although less and less to say about the problems. The situation is not so tense. I think everything is moving in the direction of improvement, and the Euro will become for Ukrainians a real outlet“ – quoted by Theo sportowefakty.wp.pl.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Ukraine will play against Germany and Poland at the Euros.


Head coach of Ukraine Mykhailo Fomenko said that the tournament no weak groups.

The President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko promised that the team will come to Euro 2016 in the best condition.