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Last chance to record fury and Klitschko

Andrei Fomenko

27 November | 9:50

Saturday fight in Germany, the second home of Wladimir Klitschko, among other things, should give the answer to the question: isn’t it time for Ukrainians to retire. After the April win over American Brian Jennings, some experts began to send 39-year-old champion to Hollywood, saying that in the ring he has already lost motivation to play for your class and nothing new in the world of Boxing does not introduce. But the film industry before star of this magnitude is happy to open its doors.

However, it seems that Wladimir Klitschko has left in the sport one important thing: to become the absolute world champion, having won the belt in all four of the most prestigious versions. Having the titles of IBF, WBA and WBO, he was left to get the WBC belt, which a couple of years ago was owned by the brother Vitaly, who now is the American deonteya Wilder, a former sparring partner of Klitschko. Tomorrow’s protection must be worn in a duel with Tyson fury will open the team Klitschko the way to talks with Wilder about holding next year unifying megameeting.


While our compatriot must deal with the self-righteous Brit, promising one of the easiest fights in his career. However, bookies do not think so and in recent days, the lower the chances of 27-year-old fury: the coefficient on the victory Klitschko has fallen from 1.22 m to 1.16, while the success of the applicant he is 5.2, the draw — 30. Tyson singularity lies in its dimensions (see infographic), and with such high boxers Vladimir fought infrequently. Three years ago only on points lost pole tomáš Vach (202 cm), 10 rounds suffered in 2002 with Jamil Malinom (198 cm), however, in the second round knocked out in the 2000’s the same ray Austin and derrick Jefferson.

Последний шанс для Фьюри и рекордный бой Кличко. Фото 1

In the UK, fury called the great white hope, remembering that four years ago he would knock out David Haye, and his brother Vitaly, too, only the decision of judges has won the “camel” Derek Chisora.


Another feature of the Boxing show will be conducting it on a large soccer stadium, to which Tyson, in contrast to the champion, not used. On “Esprit Arena” Steel hammer fought twice in 2012 knocked out Frenchman Mormeck in 2010 — American chambers. By the way, of the 60 thousand tickets unsold yesterday, was still a few thousand, they can be purchased at the price from 31 to 177 euros. But the most expensive, costing about “stuff”, sold out.

One more stroke. This match will allow the Ukrainians to go down in history, beating the legendary Joe Louis at the number of championship fights: now both of them 27. However, an American in 1930-1940-s owned the title of best heavyweight 11 years and 8 months, whereas Klitschko until nine and a half. At 39 years Vladimir is the third age “old” champion: Vitali owned the belt 42, and George foreman is 48.

News about the fight:

Fury in the ring sang a Serenade for Vladimir