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Kremenchuk Open Cup In 2016. Kremenchug — the winner of the tournament, the Kryvbas — bronze

Kremenchuk Open Cup-2016. Кременчуг — победитель турнира, у Кривбасса — бронза

Took place the final matches of the first pre-season tournament “Cup of Kremenchug”.

First, who today took to the ice in the third round of the Cup Kremenchug steel team Kryvbas and White bars, which have agreed between themselves who will take the third place and received bronze medals.

As in the first two rounds of the tournament, tiger was not able to provide decent resistance to their opponents. At this time, bila Tserkva team under the direction of Konstantin butsenko devastating miserably lost to newly created Kryvyi Rih Kryvbas 1:11.

In the composition of bronze prize-winners of tournament I would like to mention a few players. First select the attacker Eugene Sekirko, who scored a hat-trick, and second of all we will note a double of Ivan Savchenko. Team White leopard the only goal was scored by defender Alexander Lelchuk, who scored in the majority.

Kryvbas – White Leopard 11:1 (4:1, 4:0, 3:0)

Washers: 05:57 Tolkunov (Kutsevich, Savchenko) – 1:0; 07:36 Nimenko (Villager, Alexander) – 2:0; 10:34 A. Lelchuk (Generals, Romashchenko – large.) – 2:1; 14:06 Sekirko (Slyusar, Val. Aleksyuk) – 3:1; 19:26 Villager (Chernenko, Nimenko) – 4:1; 26:47 Chernenko (Nimenko, Peasants) – 5:1; 30:43 Slusar (Podgurski, Chernenko) – 6:1; 33:23 Savchenko (Chernenko, Val. Aleksyuk) – 7:1; 36:49 Savchenko (Tolkunov, Kutsevich) – 8:1; 49:04 Matula (Val. Aleksyuk, Beskhlebny – large.) – 9:1; 50:42 Sekirko (Mazula, Kovalenko) – 10:1; 59:35 Sekirko (Peasants, Cherevach is great.) – 11:1

Goalkeepers: Beskhlebny – Krasnopolskiy

Kryvbas: Beskhlebny; Sekirko, Cherevach, Belousov, Alexander, Gorlushko, Katrich; Peasants, Nimenko, Chernenko, Tolkunov, Kutsevich, Savchenko, Slusar, Val. Aleksyuk, Podgurski, Ruban, Masala, Kovalenko.

White Bars: Krasnopolskiy; Voronin, Good, A., Lelchuk, Swan Goose, Gritsenko, Logic, Tatar, Tonkovid; Generals, Romashchenko, Shevchenko, Senik, Minds, Danilenko, Mkrtchyan, Ruzhnikov, Cheremnov, Caves, Naydenov, Kozienko.

And finally, the most anticipated match of the tournament, where the masters championship, HC Kremenchuk met with the Champions of Ukraine – Donetsk Donbas.

In the middle of the first period Shakhtar was a good attack, which led to a goal the goalkeeper of the national team of Ukraine Eduard Zakharchenko, and the author of the goal was Viktor Zakharov. And after only six minutes, the Pitmen managed to double their lead, thanks to an accurate throw Shamil Ramazanov, who went right into the top corner of the goal Kremenchuk residents. It would seem that the Donbass will leave at the first break as the clear favorite of the match, but the owners of the ice 19 seconds before the sirens were able to requite one washer: Romanenko from the blue line have performed good TV on Sergei Cosmica, and one from an acute angle struck the gate Tsaregorodtseva.

In the second period wards of Dmitry Podgornogo had the initiative and were able to not only win, but to come forward. But the authors of the success of the Kremenchug became the Belarusian legionaries Ilya Korenchuk and Maksim Slysh.

In the third period, the Pitmen struggled, tried to equalize the scoring, but the defense of Kremenchug and Eduard Zakharchenko became a stone wall that kept all attacking impulses of visitors, and finally a point in the match put the Belarusian Maksim Slysh, who scored.

KHK Kremenchug – Donbass 4:2 (1:2, 2:0, 1:0)

Washers: 11:46 Zakharov (Attic, Bondarev) – 0:1; 17:36 Ramazanov (RAM) – 0:2; 19:41 Kuzmik (Romanenko) – 1:2; 28:39 Korenchuk – 2:2; 35:52 Hey (Romanenko) – 3:2; 51:13 Hear (Kuzmik, Korenchuk) – 4:2

Goalkeepers: Zakharchenko – Tsaregorodtsev

HC Kremenchuk, Ukraine: Zakharchenko (He); Isaenko, I., Ignatenko, head, Sirchenko, Degtyarev, Zhovnir, Akims; Korenchuk, Kuzmik, Hey, Kitsch, Gnidenko, Petrakovskii, Ovchinikov, Chernyshenko, Covalent, Mikulka, Karpenko, Janiszewski.

Donbass: Tsaregorodtsev (S. Lelchuk); VL. Aleksyuk, Kugut, Bbw, Petrukhno, RAM, Carp, George, Grigoryev, Ramazanov, Butsenko, Kochetkov, Zakharov, Bondarev, Attic, Egorov, Bolshakov, Gavrik, Crow, Mazur, Demjanjuk.