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Kranjcar: Dynamo have changed during my absence

Кранчар: Динамо очень изменилось за время моего отсутствия

Niko Kranjcar has told that intends to gain a foothold in Dynamo Kiev.

“I’m just on the way to his best form. It takes time to return to the previous condition. And although I know almost their current partners Dynamo, you need a little more time to feel the game this Dynamo team.

I’m ready to 73 %. But seriously, it is clear deadlines or numbers can not name. Most importantly, follow all instructions of the coaching staff. Sergei Rebrov will see at what point I can be useful to the team.

I hope that I will manage to gain a foothold here, to play and be useful to the team. He returned to Dinamo only for that purpose. Although I understand that I will be hard, since the composition of the team already played, she won the championship and is preparing for the Champions League. So to get in the game will not be easy.

How much has changed Dynamo during my absence? Very, very changed team. Need to control the ball more, increased speed, need to actively play the pass. It is seen that everyone knows what to do on the pitch. In this approach plays a lot easier,” said Kranjcar.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the Croatian Dynamo midfielder Niko Kranjcar has joined the team. The last two seasons Kranjcar spent on loan at English CRC.

Add that Kiev has already made a 31-year-old Croat list for the season and also registered it in the Champions League.