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Klitschko: I am now very confident to lose I have nothing

Кличко: Я сейчас очень уверен в себе - терять мне теперь нечего

Wladimir Klitschko believes that only he is to blame for his loss against Tyson fury.

“Many point to one or another member of my team as the culprit of my defeat from fury. Most often on my coach banks about whom they say that he’s younger than me and therefore cannot work with me. Now, with all due respect, I want to say to all: no one but me to blame my defeat. No.

I was in the best physical shape in my life. But no physical form will not help you, if not combined with a good psychological form. It was not the trauma, not in the transfer of combat, not movement speed fury in the ring. It was the fact that I was not included in the match, felt it, experienced opponent. I couldn’t catch the goal, to correctly strike. I’m terribly annoyed, and when up got emotions, after them came some restraint, restraint. I’m worse than usual, felt the distance. Thinking too much, counted, hit or commercials, and had to work on instinct, the killer instinct.

Emanuel Steward I have said many times: “You have to cause more strikes. You’re standing for long periods of time, and you need more to beat.” In a fight with Eddie chambers between the 10th and 11th rounds, Emanuel gave me a whole lecture on this topic, saying that I should relax. And in battle with the fury this is an old story finally went off.

Then a friend of mine said it, not me, but in General: “If you want to destroy a man, give him five years of continuous success”. And I was 11 years old. In the last three years at all the press conferences I all ears buzz about what records I already beat, what beat. Said, especially lately that I’m getting to the record of Joe Louis by the number of defenses of the title. I never with anybody did not compare himself and wasn’t interested in these things, but the drop sharpens a stone.

To lose I have nothing. Titles don’t hang on me a burden. I’m very confident. The last time such confidence I felt 15 years ago when before me was a world that I had yet to conquer. No one will Rob me of what I have achieved in my career. It already went down in history. I am sure that in Boxing hall of fame I would have included if I’m finished his career. I could easily say that fury – 27, I – 40, I did everything I could, now let others fought to victory. And all it took. But in my power to make my story better. Since the end of the story should always be good, if it’s bad, so it’s not the end,” said Klitschko.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net wrote that Vladimir Klitschko lost the fight Tyson fury. For Ukrainians this defeat became the first in 11 years. Thus, Klitschko lost all the championship belts, which belonged to him, however, Vladimir in the nearest future intends to take revenge on the British.

After the fight Klitschko trainer Johnathon banks said that Vladimir has no reason to change it to another specialist.

Watch Wladimir Klitschko lost to Tyson fury:

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Кличко: Я сейчас очень уверен в себе - терять мне теперь нечего